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Co. Exhibition

Co. was a reactive collaboration with Rachel Rothwell that took place at Husk. Over the 4 weeks we were reacting, adding and remaking each others art works. The experience was very freeing and resulted in spontaneous 3d mixed media collages.
Recent posts

Redbubble shop

I always wanted to make things for interiors and as part of my residency at Husk I have created an online print on demand store with my recent art work. You can find mugs, phone cases, scarves, dresses, pillows and much more on my Redbubble profile!

Artist in Residency

I had a great opportunity to be the artist in residence at Husk for 6 months. During that time I had developed a process of working with inks on acetate. Here are some examples of the abstract paintings that are the results of my experiments.

Creative drawing workshop

Great results from the creative drawing workshop an extension of Dive into your imagination exhibition. It was great to see people enjoying drawing and being creative :)

Dive into your imagination

Photos of setting up my first London solo exhibition that took place at Husk Creative place in Limehouse. The abstract ink paintings will be used in a workshop as starting points of creative drawings. Dive into your imagination took place in January 2017.

Ceramic Classes

A shot of a sample for my hand building classes :) Textured porcelain plate. I have missed the  making process and I am very excited to teach ceramics.

London photoshoot

I have moved to London 2 months ago and got my trusted Nikon working again.  Here are some photos from my walk through Canary Wharf, Wapping and Tower Bridge, London Eye, Southbank, Shard, Big Ben, Regent Street.